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Baldwin has been involved in wind turbine erecting for over twenty years with zero loss time injuries. Our diverse experience combines with disciplined quality control to ensure the safety and efficiency of each project. And our detailed planning and genuine team approach help to eliminate change orders and maximize profitability.

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Experienced Erectors

Completion of industrial scale projects through proper planning and extensive employee training.

Baldwin’s tower experts have erected wind turbines in some of the most confined, difficult to access locations in the Northeast. They have experience erecting turbines of over a dozen different manufacturers and understand both the mechanical and control elements. Our local, professional, staff are our greatest asset in wind turbine erecting.

Specialized Equipment

Wind turbine projects require a very specific set of tools to get the job done correctly.

Baldwin’s deep roots in crane & rigging provide the knowledge and equipment to perform specialized lifts. In Gloucester, Massachusetts Baldwin erected a 100m Kenersys Turbine with the foundation elevated on a ledge 25’ above the crane pad. All of the lifts, including the fully assembled rotor, were performed using Baldwin’s own equipment..

3-Dimensional Lift Planning

Through the use of in-house proprietary software Baldwin is able to enact the lift prior to arrive on-site.

Baldwin’s lift planning experts are trained in 3-D lift planning and can create a thorough presentation that highlights each turbine component lift. The output becomes a user friendly, visually appealing depiction of the turbine erection long before a crane is ever on site.

What We Do? A Few of Baldwin's Specialized Energy Services

  • Turbine Erection Services

    Special crane attachments and counterweights allow Baldwin to lift 500 tons over 350 vertical feet

  • Lift Plans & Permitting

    Each lift and transportation route is carefully planned through appropriate software and permitting.

  • Blade Replacements

    Our ability to transport cranes using in-house truck fleet allow for timely and cost effective replacements

  • Blade, Nacelle & Tower Transport

    ABaldwin has experience in transporting industrial turbines with capacities as high as 2.5MW

  • Transportation Logistics

    Baldwin carefully studies anticipated routes and load capacities associated with each bridge or roadway

  • Operation & Maintenance

    Having a long ro short term contract with an experience team of erectors is crucial to maximize your turbines capacity factor

Baldwin Transportation The Northeast Superload Experts

Route Engineering

New England is home to some of the oldest roads in the country. Baldwin will design a route that will meet state requirements while ensuring a safe delivery.

Specialized Transportation

Baldwin’s experienced professionals and specialized equipment ensure timely Tower, Nacelle, Hub and Blade delivery.

Permitting & Escorts

Baldwin works directly with the DOT and local and state police to ensure the timely delivery of each load.

Port & Barge

Baldwin can navigate access through ports providing barge and offload services, improving speed and reliability.

Tower Sections

Proper route planning and permitting helps mitigate transportation issues

Nacelle & Generator

Nacelle's are extremely heavy and overall weight is considered during route planning.

Turbine Blades

Tturbine blades are often the longest single piece of a turbine and require specialized trailers.

Operation & Maintenance

Maximizing Production & Extending Lifetime Operation

Baldwin is committed to maximizing your production and extending the useful life of your turbines through innovative condition monitoring, scheduled routine maintenance and timely correctives. Baldwin Energy’s technicians are experienced with a variety of turbine manufacturers and provide the most advanced O&M methods. Baldwin's technicians include the following training:

  • OSHA General Construction Standards
  • Hazard Communication
  • Confined Space
  • Fall Protection
  • Torque Equipment and Specialized Tools
  • First Aid/CPR
  • OSHA Wind Specific Guidelines
  • Tower Rescue
  • Electrical Safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Crane Safety
  • Ergonomics

Baldwin Videos A few quick videos of Baldwin Energy.

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Our Mission

We believe that whether working as truck drivers, crane operators or receptionists, we are contributing to projects that have positive impact. At Baldwin we help to build Hospitals that treat burn victims, construct control towers that allow loved ones to visit and create power plants that keep our neighbors warm. We believe that meeting individual responsibilities produces tremendous results.

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